Cup of Tea with Vinita Gupta

Vinita Gupta, a technology entrepreneur, strives to make her words and actions reflect her thoughts with integrity and doubts. As a result, she has competed in Bridge championships, the toughest mind game. She has written for ‘HuffPost’.

With Vinita Gupta – Raji Pillai of IBPW’s chat on Alpha Girls

Vinita Shares: Derive strength from who you are – As an immigrant woman trying to make her mark in Silicon Valley, she found it benefited her to take pride in her heritage. Depending on intrinsic motivation is the best recipe Disclosing to VC’s her pregnancy with honesty and integrity

With Barbara Tyler – #1 Residential Real Estate Agent

Barbara Tyler gives her perspective on what helped her get on top of the real estate game. It’s the little things she imbues that make her great. The podcast gives a glimpse in her wisdom and also of her rewarding work with women-in-jail, since retirement.